We challenge everyone to take action to eradicate racism

It’s not enough to be not racist. We need to speak out and take action against racism and discrimination.

Said more explicitly: we need to be ANTI-RACIST.

Kelly Grier

免费黄色大片US Chair and Managing Partner and Americas Managing Partner


Entrepreneurs Access Network

Expanding the 免费黄色大片Entrepreneurs Access Network, our newly launched program focusing on Black and Latinx entrepreneurs.  The program leverages our significant Entrepreneur Of The Year? (EOY) platform to help connect them to peers, sponsors, capital and customers.

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The outsized impact of Black and Latino entrepreneurs
The outsized impact of Black and Latinx entrepreneurs

By helping Black and Latinx entrepreneurs today, we’ll be taking a giant step toward a tomorrow in which everyone has an opportunity to thrive.

Making connections - why more doors need to be opened
Making connections - why more doors need to be opened

EY Entrepreneurs Access Network will work to erase barriers to the opportunity and potential of Black and Latinx businesses.

Bridging the Digital Divide

Leveraging our people resources and building coalitions of public and private organizations to bridge the Digital Divide distance-learning gap for underserved students.

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Contributing to historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs)

Contributing a total of $4 million collectively to four HBCUs to help increase the number of Black and African Americans in professional services.


Making social justice investments

Investing $3 million in organizations committed to fighting social injustices, including inappropriate use of force in law enforcement, incarceration of Black males, health care disparities and economic inequalities in the Black community. 

*The below organizations will receive a portion of our remaining $1 million contribution, as determined by our three geographical regions and FSO. This allows funding to be locally contributed in the communities in which we work and live.

Investing in our communities

Investing in our communities through employee volunteer programs and EY-sponsored anti-racism activities, including a paid day of service for employees to attend the August 28, 2020, March in Washington, D.C. commemorating the 57th anniversary of the historic civil rights march. Starting in 2021, 免费黄色大片will also begin observing Martin Luther King (MLK), Jr. Day as a firm-wide paid holiday. US professionals can choose to participate in 免费黄色大片sponsored anti-racism activities throughout the year, including on MLK Day.  

Investing in our communities

Driving policy change

Using our powerful platform to drive policy change as well as lead actions for change in our communities with our vendors and others with whom we do business.

Challenging ourselves

Reviewing our internal talent and business practices to further advance equity across race. This includes recruiting, hiring and promoting; educating employees; procuring products and services; and marketing and branding.

All these actions would be completely disingenuous if we didn’t continue to challenge our own internal efforts. We need to have a different conversation on what it means to have a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture to drive further and faster change. As part of that, we need to look critically at how we recruit, develop, promote and educate our people on what it means to be anti-racist.
Leslie Patterson
免费黄色大片US Talent Leader for Diversity & Inclusiveness and 免费黄色大片US Anti-Racism Task Force Leader
免费黄色大片- Leslie Patterson

Our global commitment to address racial discrimination

Carmine Di Sibio, 免费黄色大片Global Chairman and CEO, pledges to make sure at 免费黄色大片our actions match our words both internally and in our communities.

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Diversity and inclusiveness

Diversity and inclusiveness are not “nice to haves.” They are business imperatives.

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